Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What is Heaven like?

My family recently had 2 deaths. My children ages 5 and 8 had so many questions. Mostly about heaven and what it is like, how you get there, what do you look like in heaven etc. My husband and I had a hard time answering most of these. I just kept telling them that no one really knows since you don't come back to tell about it. Lame answer I know. Just wondering how others explained it to children. Thanks!


Me and My Family! said...

Hi, I don't read much either but I was at a christian book sotre and found a great book that answers all sorts of questions about heaven and is geared towards kids... My kids and I read a bit from it a few days a week and they are learning alot as am I. The book is called "Heaven, for kids" by Randy Alcorn. I believe he has a version for adults as well. I just wanted to add that I think this blog idea is great. I just come across you today. God Bless

Anonymous said...

My kids ask the same questions. I just tell them that once we die we will never die again after that. Our lives are no more than a microsecond of a second compared to the lives we will live in Heaven. I tell them there will be no more mean people, no more sicknesses, no more suffering for anyone. I tell them it is the most beautiful place and we will be reunited with all of our friends and family. I also tell them that we can fly in Heaven - they love that! I do believe we will be able to! And talk with the plants and animals too!
I know we will all have new names and will never cry again.
The book "Me and My Family" referred to sounds like a great one!
I honestly make Heaven sound as beautiful and awesome as I possibly can because I want them to make it there one day!

Nikki Morton said...

Oh, I love that! My four year old is very inquisitive about Heaven, as well. You know that we have suffered through the death of his two baby cousins this year, and also his grandpa in February. I tell him that Jesus is amazing, which he knows. He has the coolest aspects of Jesus, which I think is awesome for a four year old. I tell him that the babies are not sick anymore, and that they get to play with Jesus and the other angels. Just like the other lady said, I tell him that no one gets mad or sad, or upset at all. No one has upset tummies, or sicknesses of any kind. I also tell him that you get to play all the time, and love on Jesus. He knows how much Jesus loves his children. He was a little upset when Carly passed, because he said he didn't want to go to Heaven and leave Mommy and Daddy. That was hard to explain, but I told him that sometimes, Jesus wants babies to hold and love on, just like Mommies and Daddies do. I also told him that sometimes, children get sick, and they go to Heaven so they don't have to be sick anymore. I think that Heaven will be whatever you imagine it to be and even more. You can't really explain it. It's unimaginable. :) BTW-I ordered my Kayleigh bracelet. When do I get it so we can take a pic to send to you for her scrapbook?! :) Haha. No rush. I hope you feel better, bless your heart. One day you'll look back on all this and laugh! :)