Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Chosen People?

In the Jewish faith, God is present, but Jesus is portrayed as a normal man who taught and preached his beliefs. He was just a Jewish man who taught a lifestyle that was meant to lead everyone to have a life without troubles. What he taught was easy to understand. If you sin, then trouble will follow. So, the less you sin, the less trouble you have in your life. The only problem that Jewish people had, was who this man says he is. He considers himself the son of God an he (Jesus) was killed because of it. In the Old Testament and to this day, the Jewish faith is awaiting their savior to come. Christians believe Jesus was that savior and they are now considered "Saved". On the other hand, the Jewish people have always been considered "God's Chosen People." If a Jewish person is not "Saved" but is considered "The Chosen Person", do they go to heaven? If not, what is the meaning of "The Chosen People" ?


Anonymous said...

No, if a Jewish person dies and has not accepted Christ, then they do not go to Heaven. By chosen people it means that these are the ones God values more and he extends more chances to them than he would others. Also, these are the people on whom God will wait before the final judgement at the end of times. They are referred to in Revelation as the 144,000. God loves them and wants them to be saved by Jesus, and God intends to give them every opportunity to see the truth before his final judgement.

Pennie said...

I agree with the Shumard's,if a Jewish person dies without having accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, then they do not go to Heaven.

Jesus is a Jew, and the Jewish people are His Chosen People. Jesus extended the opportunity to the Gentiles (us)to accept Him, love Him, and be "saved." His people did reject Him, but they are His first love. We are to bless the Jewish people and help them return to their land of Israel, their covenant land.

God will prosper those who aid Israel and the Jewish people.

It is my prayer that the United States will wake up and support Israel, and not condemn them for trying to take back their land.

Alli said...

Judge not.

Worry about your own faith and do what you believe is best to enrich your life and build your relationship with your God, and leave other people alone. Don't go damning other people and don't assess whether or not they are going to heaven. The minute you start making proclamations about who is going where and when is the minute you start chipping away at your own relationship with God. Only He knows.

Anonymous said...

Would agree with Alli.
I believe God is soverign and only HE knows what is in a person's heart/mind/soul. I have enough boards in my own eyes to worry about.

RJP said...

I understand what Alli is saying but I must say that "leaving other people alone" is not what God calls us to do. While we certainly should not judge others, God has charged us Christians with spreading his word and bringing the lost to Christ. In the troubled times we are facing, I find it more important than ever to bring people to Christ.

Pennie said...

I am sorry to those who found my remarks offensive. Certainly didn't mean to come across as being judgmental to anyone, as I, of all people, am not in a position to judge.

However, the remarks I made are scriptural, based on the Holy Bible. Those aren't my words, but God's. We all perceive God differently, and we all perceive right and wrong differently. So, I was simply stating the Bible, which is my personal choice of following God's divine words.

Please accept that I don't look down on anyone, as I have friends who are Hindu, Muslim, gay, as well as Christian. Not everyone will agree with us, but we can still be called, "friend."

Good Day to all.

Anonymous said...

I too am Sorry if any one was offended by my remarks. I did not mean to offend, but was answering from a biblical perspective. My Bible says that there is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus. Everyone is held to that standard...without Jesus no one will be allowed into Heaven. I was not meaning to Judge, simply answering from my Heart based on the Bible.

JewHeadedforHeaven said...

so you are saying that all Jews dont go to heaven just because they follow their own religon? What a load of crap! Of course Jews, like other religons, go to Heaven, too! Wake up people and accept that there are other religons that mean something too.

Anonymous said...

It's not religion it is relationship.

No one can be good enough to get to heaven, no one ever has. Sacrifice of animals in the past covered sin, did not take it away. The perfect sacrifice of the Messiah is the only way for remission of sins.

It is only thru faith and trust in Yeshua/Jesus, which reconciles us and enables us to have a relationship with G-d.